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About us

The National Institute for Exercise & Wellness (NIEW) is a world leader in personal trainer certification. Our association of experienced practitioners and fitness professionals designed a comprehensive, yet straightforward program to quickly get you working in a new career you’ll love. You will be learning from some of the very best in the industry. We adhere to high education standards that provide you with quality instruction to become a successful certified personal trainer. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to further their education and start a new and rewarding career in the fitness industry.

Our personal training program has met strict standards and is fully accredited which is a guarantee of quality and expertise. NIEW is nationally and internationally recognized with graduates all over the world. Not only will you learn the mechanics of fitness training, but you’ll also learn advanced sales techniques to grow your business quickly. We provide unmatched customer service and support. Only National Institute for Exercise & Wellness offers free unlimited lifetime ongoing mentorship, support, and guidance for all current members.

our Mission

We seek to empower all students to apply their learned fitness skills and knowledge. We strive to promote student achievement and enable them to expand and reach their potential. Our mission is to teach you proven exercise knowledge and industry secrets to prepare you to become successful in the world of fitness.

We do this by providing a supportive learning environment and high-quality education with a well-rounded curriculum. We strive to keep things simple; just join, study, and take the test to become a trainer. Follow your passion. Follow your dream. Do what you love and make a positive change in someone’s life.