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Renew Your Personal Trainer Certification

Maintaining your status as a certified personal trainer is an easy two-step process.

  1. If you have the Standard Package you pay annual membership dues ($25) on or before the expiration date of your certification. Renewal dues are needed to maintain your CPT status and go toward recertification and member services. If you enrolled in our Premier Package, you never need to pay membership dues again.
  2. Continuing Education Credits (CECs): There are NO CECs needed the first 12 months you are certified. 1.0 CEC is required each year after your first year of certification.

What are Continuing education credits?

Continuing education credit (CEC) is a measuring unit of time or participation. It is designed to be used in continuing education programs to assist the professional to maintain their certification as a personal trainer. CECs are required through all reputable personal trainer certification programs. You start maintaining CECs after the expiration date of your NIEW certified personal trainer certification status.

CECs allows you to:

  • Recertify your personal trainer certification
  • Improve your skills and educational background
  • Increase job opportunities by attracting new clients
  • Provide higher quality services

How do I earn CECs?

Many agencies charge you every year to take CECs classes or courses. CECs at NIEW is entirely free. Acquiring CECs is an uncomplicated process. It’s up to you how you earn CECs. Topics must be exercise, fitness, and wellness related.

There are many ways to quickly earn CECs.

  • IDEA CEC Courses
  • Writing Fitness Blogs (contact us for more information)
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Classes/Courses
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • 1-page paper summary on a current fitness topic
  • And many more

How many CECs do I need?

You must earn 1.0 CEC each year. 1 learning hour = 0.1 CEC (so you just need to earn 10 hours of continued learning each year). You can receive CECs in any approved method you want.
1 hour = 0.1 CECs
10 hours = 1.0 CEC
1.0 CEC is required per annual renewal cycle

30 minutes0.05
1 hour0.1
2 hours0.2
3 hours0.3
4 hours0.4
5 hours0.5
6 hours0.6
7 hours0.7
8 hours0.8
9 hours0.9
10 hours1.0

What subjects qualify for CECs?

Any topic that concerns exercise, fitness, and wellness is acceptable. See below for ideas. If in doubt, contact us and ask. All CECs will be pending approval. NIEW will review your submission and determine your credit award.

AnatomyExercise PhysiologySport Specific Training
BiologyGroup FitnessTesting and Assessment
BiomechanicsInjury Treatment &
BodybuildingKinesiologyTraining Instruction
Cardiovascular / Endurance
NutritionWeight Loss
Client ScreeningPilates/YogaWellness
Exercise ProgrammingStretching &
And more

Do I have to send in CECs even if I choose the Premier Package?

CECs are still required to maintain your CPT status; however, you no longer have to send in annual dues.

Renewing and submit CECs

The process is simple. You will be notified approximately 90 days before your certification expiration date. It’s wise to submit your CECs early to see your credit award. You must provide proof of CECs and submit renewal dues (if you haven’t done so already) on or before your expiration date. Both of these should be sent in on the same day. Remember, both memberships require CECs to keep your CPT status, but only Standard members need to submit annual dues. Premier members do not pay dues.

Log into your NIEW account and submit all CECs at the same time, along with your renewal dues. CECs must include certificates of participation, transcripts, or other forms of proof of attendance, etc.