What is a Personal Trainer?

What is a Personal Trainer?

People hire a personal trainer for motivation, expert knowledge, and excellent results. You have the expertise to create programs and solutions that work for your clients. When you take on a new client, you become their coach, counselor, motivator, confidant, nutritionist, and personal trainer. Seeing your clients achieve their goals and change their life for the better is extremely rewarding.

Your client’s transformations will be contingent on your help. You will have the real opportunity to change the life of your clients completely. As a personal trainer, you will work one-on-one or with a group to instruct, plan, or implement an exercise or fitness regimen. You will demonstrate and develop exercise prescription plans for resistance exercise and aerobic exercise.

Your clientele will have varied goals, age, and fitness level. You will guide your client to reach their health and fitness goals, whether it may be losing weight, toning, building muscle, or any other number of reasons they want to work with you. As a certified personal trainer, you will bring your professionalism and expertise to provide motivation, accountability, nutrition counseling, and advanced exercise knowledge to act as a bridge to those goals. As a distinguished NIEW-CPT graduate, you will have the proper education to be highly successful in this rewarding career.

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