Health & Wellness: Why Exercise is Important at Any Age

Health & Wellness: Why Exercise is Important at Any Age

Exercise and Wellness are two different terms but they have a significant impact on each other. You might have noticed that people who have a balanced diet and exercise daily, often live a healthier life and face fewer health risks such as heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. Aside from physical health benefits, exercise also lets you enjoy psychological health benefits such as a lower risk of depression and anxiety, stress relief, low risk of insomnia, etc.

What Does Exercising Mean? 

Some people often confuse exercise with heavy weightlifting, hard pushups, or any sort of intense workout. However, you might be surprised to know that exercising can already be a part of our daily life activities. In simpler terms, exercise can mean anything that requires physical effort. It can be raking your garden or walking your dog in a park or even as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It can be an enjoyable activity such as dancing. The body that keeps moving lasts longer.

Benefits of Exercise:

As mentioned above, exercising has various health and psychological benefits. It is a known fact that exercising daily increases the life span of individuals by reducing the risk of various health issues such as

  • Decreasing risk of heart issues
  • Producing endorphins that help you feel positive and happy
  • Reduces risk of anxiety and depression
  • Helps maintain weight and reduce the risk of obesity
  • Help prevent blood clots and improves blood flow
  • Builds and maintains strong muscles and bones
  • Produces antioxidants to help protect cells and prevents aging
  • Aids in sleeping and increase sleep quality
  • Enhances the growth of brain cells which improve brain health and memory

Exercise for Every Age

Many people like to believe that exercising only results in wellness when started at an earlier age. Exercising is important and effective for all age groups. You can start exercising at any age and it does not matter if you are 7, 17, or 70. It is a common misconception that something can only count as an exercise when you have a proper trainer and a gym membership. You do not need to spend hours a day to see the results. Exercising can be a lifestyle and doing any physical activity for just 30 minutes a day can help you a lot. People can have different reasons to start exercising and may have certain goals. They can range from losing weight to increasing mobility and energy. 

Exercising is significantly important for people in old age as they have a higher rate of increased health risks. They believe they might not be able to exercise as they fear injuring themselves or that it would not be effective. However, as mentioned above, exercising is a lifestyle. There are various exercises for various age groups, each depending upon the age and interest of the individuals. These can range from mild exercising such as walking or cycling to intense exercises such as weightlifting. Even if you have medical issues, you can resort to other forms of exercise that do not require you to walk or run, such as yoga. 

Exercising is a wise decision for the wellness of the human body. It is a lifestyle and there are various ways to keep your body in motion to promote wellness. You can exercise the body while also enjoying the activities of your interest. Age should not be considered as a barrier or a restriction as you can start exercising at any age and time, depending on your goals. 

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